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Zara's love for bellydancing and entertaining is what started her career as a professional bellydancer.  Zara's performances are a mix of traditional Middle Eastern Bellydance with an East Indian flair.
 Performances include dancing with wings veil, finger cymbals, cane . Zara's movements are full of energy and excitement.  She is a very classy perfomer graceful, enchanting and very elegant.Zara has the talent to captivate and mesmerize any audience with exquisite entertainment which is suitable for all ages and all cultures.
Zara's performs at a wide range of venues ,past performances include Smith Haven Mall, and restaurant shows at House of India, Royal Palace, Antuns, Kiran Palace, Sitar, Akbar,Ayhans Shish Kebab, Chateau Briand, Verdis, Bocaccio, Majestic Marquise, Mayas  Bubble Lounge, and many other New York Restaurants.
Be assured that Zara will give attention to every detail of event whether your event is for 20 guests or 1000
Zara's performance will make your event an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.